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  • Modular

    Our patent pending modular earbud platform is the first of it's kind. By splitting our earbud system into five components, you can customize, personalize and repair all with a snap. twist and bam!

  • Mx Your Sound

    Bass heavy, treble crazy or classically precise, you can choose your earbuds based on the sound you want to hear. Our sound enhanced drivers are specially designed to create the sound you want, when you want it.

  • Easy Repair

    No longer do you or anyone else ever have to throw away an entire set of earbuds just because a single part breaks, With mXers If you break a part simply replace the part that broke.

  • Affordable

    Earbuds can become an costly possession. With mXers you can buy the parts you need without having to waste money on those you already have. Repair and Customize your earbuds your way.

  • Mx Your Style

    With mXers you can change the color, style and fit of your earbuds within seconds. Regardless of the occasion, mXers will look and stay in while you party and jam out.

  • Student Driven

    mXers is made up of young, driven students. Born out of frustration with broken earbuds and useless customization options, mXers Earbuds are created by students, with students, for students, every step of the way.

Modular, Customizable, Repairable Earbuds

Modular, Customizable, Repairable Earbuds

mXers are the first fully modular earbud platform on the market. Broken or boring earbuds? Repair and spice your look all with a SNAP, TWIST and BAM!

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Does the increased number of connections affect the sound quality?

No! Think of it like your typical headphone splitter in airplanes. Audio quality isn't reduced because of increased number of connections. As long as the signal is able to be transmitted, the sound will remain crisp and as intended.

How strong are the connections?

Crazy Strong! Our specially designed McX connectors are specifically engineered to ensure they remain functional throughout the wear and tear placed on them. Each connector can withstand 3-4 pounds of force, meaning if you do drop your phone it will be the 3.5mm connection that gives out well before the McX connection does.

How often do you release a new design?

We aim to launch a new design every month and eventually bringing the design process to you, where you can create and vote on your favorite design with your community of listeners before we release that design to the public.

How much money does mXers even save?

The average pair of earbuds is 35 dollars. The earbuds in this price range tend to only survive up to 4 months of wear and tear given the usage they undergo. Meaning you would need to replace your earbuds almost twice a year or spend 70 dollars. With mXers, if you broke a part (let's say the earbud) you would just need to buy that one part that broke (in this case a set of earbuds is 5 dollars, which totals to 40 instead of 70 dollars).

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