Don't Compromise, customize

Don't Compromise, Customize. | Made in MN

Tailored To You

Your Music, Your Style, Your Way

Let's change the way you listen to music one part at a time.


Snap. Twist. Bam.

Our patent pending modular earbud platform is the first of it's kind. Each pair or earbuds contains five distinct parts, two buds, two wires and a splitter that can be interchanged. 

Limitless Customization

Don't Compromise, Customize.

With mXers, you can change the color, style, and fit of your earbuds within seconds. All with a simple Snap. Twist and Bam!

Stay-Fit - Passive-Noise Cancelling Design

Stay In, Jam Out

Our StayFIT earbuds ensure your earbuds stay in while doing any activity. The special design is contoured to the shape of your ear, creating an uncompromising listening experience.


Built for Rugged Use

mXers were designed with sturdy, durable connectirs. Our wires are made of fray resistant materials and our connections are designed to stay in while you jam out.

Easy Repair and Affordable Price

Never Miss a Beat

Tired of breaking earbuds? If a single part breaks, as is true in the case of most earbud malfunctions, you won’t have to replace the entire set, but rather will only have to replace a single part.

Latest Reviews

well worth the money. used them for a long time now still work great. would recommend to a friend. good job mXers audio

Trevor Kingston

Always wanted a pair of headphones with replaceable cables. Hate buying new headphones every time I break mine. DOPE

Hector Cortes

I love how you can take the earbuds apart so I can change them up, but the connections are super sturdy and won't come apart! You don't have to worry about losing pieces, and the sound quality is really great to top it off.

Robbie H.

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