Modular means that you can have your music, your style, your way, at any time. At your fingertips lies a range of fits, sound orientations, wired and wireless options, just snap together what you need, and Live Your Life! It's just to short for your tunes to lag behind.

Good outfit today? Match the color of your MXERS to keep your style going. Boring commute? Snap on some BASSx modules and and bump things up. Hitting the gym? Swap in a Bluetooth module and go wireless. It's all up to you!

MXERS Patented modular earbud platform is designed with specially designed 1mm McX connectors, which have endured years of testing and design to optimize strength and performance while reducing bulk. What makes our platform unique is that all MXERS components are McX compatible, so that you can mix and match modules from current and future models and keep your current earbuds tailored to you and up-to-date with technology.