About Us


was founded on a simple premise: We bring music with us every day, and our headphones should be ready for what ever it throws at us.

Since 2015, MXERS has developed a modular platfom with limiteless opportunities to tailor your headphones and music listening experience to you

Jarrett and Bharat

are students who spend every waking moment listening to music. Whether it is at work, the gym, with friends, or commuting in between, they believe that having the right music makes everything just a little bit better.

This is why Bharat took the idea of adaptable earbuds to Chicago's Catapult business Incubator in 2015, where in 6 months MXERS developed and refined its first set of earbuds. MXERS was then brought to Minneapolis, where Bharat and Jarrett continue to expand the MXERS collection with the help of a great team and loyal supporters.