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What makes mXers different from other earbuds?

With mXers patent pending technology, you'll be able to customize your earbuds for the first time along with being able to repair them with little to no cost!

How much does each extra earbud, splitter and wire cost?

After your warranty expires, each classic earbud costs $4.99, each classic splitter costs $9.99, and each classic wire costs $6.99.

What is the warranty for mXers earbuds?

With the full purchase of mXers Audio earbuds, we offer a 6 month, 3 part replacement warranty. What this means is within the next 6 months of the initial purchase date, you have 3 replacements that can be used on any part (Limited 2 replacements per part ). After the 3rd piece you have selected is replaced, your warranty is no longer active. If additional parts need to be replaced after the warranty is deactivated, please visit our store for additional options. If you have additional questions or concerns please contact us at support@mxersaudio.com

What is mXers’ return policy?

You have 20 days from the initial date of purchase to return your mXers Classic earbuds for a full refund.

What happens if I were to lose one of the small parts?

If you were to lose a part you can either decide to use your warranty, if it is still valid, or decide to purchase a replacement piece from our store.

How do I customize after I purchase the earphones?

When new content has been added to the store, you can choose to purchase additional parts and pieces in order to customize your earbuds.