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2 xFREE earbuds

1 Power Bank

1 Micro USB Charging Cable

1 Mahagony Sustainable Showcase Box


Power headphones on by pressing the power symbol on the face of each headphone until blue light flashes on each headphone. You will also hear "Power On" when they are activated.

Once activated, wait 3-10 seconds for the xBOLT earphones to pair to each other, you will be notiified of the earphones pairing to each other by a short red flash. Once paired the blue light will only flash once.

Put headphones in pairing mode by short pressing each headphone until light flashes red + blue.

Open your device's bluetooth settings and select both xFREE devices to connect and pair. While the name of the set is xBOLT, xFREE will pop up because that is the name of the model outside of the Northstar Edition.

You will hear "Phone 1 Connected" and "Phone 2 Connected" to denote both headphones are connect. (edited)
There needs to be a steo that shows that they need to paur to eachother before pairing to a phone


The power bank holds earphones magnetically. As the earphones charge in the bank, a red light will illuminate on each earphone and on the bank. When an earphone reaches full charge, the red light will change to blue.

To charge the power bank, open the flap labeled "IN" and insert a Micro-USB into the slot. When the battery case has reached full charge, it will illuminate a blue light.

To charge a device using the power bank, open the flap denoted "OUT" and insert a USB into the slot.


Pause/Play: Short press either earphone to pause. Short press again to play.

Calls: Short press either earphone twice to dial the last number you called. To accept an incoming call, short press either earphone. To reject an incoming call, long press either earphone.

Power: Press and hold either earphone until you hear the prompt "Power Off". All earhpone indicator lights will extinguish.

Individual Connection

Each earphone in xBOLT contians its own individual Bluetooth connection, allowing music control from either ear. This means xBOLT earbuds can disconnect from each other, letting only one earphone connect to your device.

To connect the earphones to each other, turn both of them on until you see them flash blue. Then triple tap each bud to set them into pairing mode. Wait for one second and then triple tap the earphones again. Red lights flashing indicates that the earphones have paired together.



3 sets of earbuds (xBASS, xCLEAR, xCORE)

3 sets of foam tips

1 Wireless Module

1 Wired Set (1 Splitter, 2 Earbud Wires)



ASSEMBLY: Assemble components by pushing the connectors together until you hear an audible "click". This denotes you have a secure connection between your components.

DISASSEMBLY: Use the grips on the side of the connectors and pull gently to separate the pieces. DO NOT tug them apart, as this risks the integrity of the platform.  



xCORE: Check the engraved lettering on the inside half of the earbud to see whether it is a left or a right earbud. Then, place the earbud in your ear with the MXERS logo facing upright. Finally, twist the earbud so that the connector rotates up, securing the earbud in place.

xBASS: The differences between the right and left earbuds is negligible. Place in your ears with a rotating motion until the module feels secure. Simply pushing the module into your ear may not result in the desired fit.



Turn your earbuds on by holding the center button until you hear "Power On" and a flashing red and blue light will illuminate. Hearing "Pairing" denotes that your earbuds are ready to pair with another device.

Open your Bluetooth settings on your device and select "mXers Audio" to connect. Hearing "Connected" and a flashing blue light denotes that your mXERS are connected to your device.


Pause/Play: Press the center button to pause or play. If you have a call, press this button to answer, and press and hold to reject the call.

Volume: Press the plus button to increase volume and press the minus button to decrease. To skip forward, press and hold the plus button. To skip backward, press and hold the minus button.

Power: To power down your module, press and hold the center button until "Power Off" is heard. A solid red light will illuminate before turning off and will then extinguish.